Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nesting, Exercising and lies...oh my

We've, I've decided to make this house more like a home and finally put a little bit more of my stamp on it.  I've already done a few things, but I haven't done A THING with the bedroom.  So a-shopping we did go.
Well, we were standing in line at the checkout from buying some more artwork for the house (I like to call it "artwork" because that sounds ritzier than "pictures") and it's taking an unusually long time.  Mike looks up towards the front of the line and immediately sees the problem - someone is paying by check, which as we all know takes time to write out, verify and whatnot.  Well Mike, never having been one who's good at using his inside voice, pipes out with - "Who the hell pays by check these days?!"
Me:  ::looking in opposite direction so as to not look as though I'm with him::
The entire rest of the line:  ::looking right at him::

I really have to get that man some home training.  

We got all my treasures home and then came the hard part....getting Mike to hang everything without calling in an architect for blueprint drawings.  What is it with men and their need to have a level, measuring tape, pencils and all the furniture moved into the middle of the room - so it's not in their way obviously - when all we're looking for is to get a picture hung?  I don't understand the "rocket science" approach.  Sorry.

That being said, here's the ONE picture I hung.  

I didn't need a level or anything else listed above.  I do however have to hold my head at a left angle to look at it. Yeah it's a little off, whatever.

These are the pieces in the bedroom and a new one for the living room (because...obviously...I was there anyway might as well by something for the living room too).

In other news...
I never make New Year's Resolutions because any time I've heard someone make one they never stick to it.  That being said, I HAVE however made a Healthier Living Resolution for my life...not just for the New Year (yeah...semantics I know).
I had decided NO liquor of any kind for 30 days (I can TO do it!) and watching what I eat as well as getting back on that workout horse I fell off of a few months ago.  Not a real horse you know...I'm sure you got that though.
Ok, so one week in and here's my update (don't worry, I won't give continual updates, just this one most likely)
  • I haven't gone through withdrawals or killed anyone. 
  • I've lost 2 pounds.
  • I broke the treadmill and ALMOST my neck.
  • And lastly, I feel good.  Happy even .  Who knew?  :)

Now to end this post...
If you caught someone in a TOTAL lie, but in order to call them on it you had to admit to something you had done that was, shall we say, less than moral yourself....would you admit your secret and call them out or let it ride?  I'm very curious to see how these comments go ;)

Later chicas!!!


  1. That sounds like hanging 'artwork' (lol) with my Dad. He uses half the carpentry aisle from Home Depot and is horrified when I 'eyeball' it. Humph. Men.

    Yay for you on your next 30 days!! The treadmill sounds like it needed to be broken. It was weak.

    You got this!

  2. Well, this was quite funny. I must admit anytime I read your writing I am very envious of your style. Why cant I be funny on paper? Dad loves his level, trust me nothing I do when working with him is straight or level, until he verifies it with that handy little tool. Lastly, if I had to admit a lie in order to cast a stone I think I would pass. Let it ride. Whats funny is when you lie about something and the person your lying to plays right along with your lie, proving they are in fact lying themselves. Anyway, notice all the compliments in this comment. Just saying. Love ya

  3. I think it depends on who it is, but in general I'm a wimp with stuff like that so I would most likely let it ride.


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