Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Chris is just a Chris

Dinner conversation, or any conversation really, with Stress 1 is always interesting. He's very intelligent. He can talk about anything and never seems out of place. I've always been impressed by that.

One thing that bugs the crap out of me though, is that we Always.
We could be talking about a band, say Kings of Leon, and somehow that turns to Kings, which turns to Presidents, which turns to "W got a bum rap". It never fails. Politics in 6 degrees. 

I love that my boys have their own minds, own opinions and own ideals; but how did I raise such a staunch Republican?! It's hilarious. We're so liberal, and that's what he grew up with, and he's so NOT. It's not so bad except that he doesn't know when to say when. Once he gets on a roll, he will not stop till everyone around him sees his point of view, even if he has to beat it into you, but he refuses to see others points of view. I'm the one who always has to blow the whistle. He would be a great asset to the Republican party, if he didn't get shot by a Democrat. Love that boy.

He's just come out of his own blogging moratorium because he's trying his hand at some article writing in the hopes of turning that into a book.  Here's his blog link if you're into reading about politics, conspiracies, and conspiracies in politics. Chris M.

He's always wanted to write a book.  All his life.  Except it used to be about things like "My summer at my grandparents" and now it's likely to be something in the realm of conspiracy theories. I just love that he's writing again.  Anything to keep him from talking to me.  


  1. I love that you put I love that boy like 50 times! LOL Just to make sure we know you love him. LOL well I love you!

  2. Glad to have you back in the blogosphere, Debs! Makes my wet and dreary Seattle winter day a little brighter. :)

    Good luck to your son on his book. I hope he does accomplish that dream! Although I have to agree with you, talking about politics makes me want to stab myself repeatedly with a sharp object.

  3. Hahaha! You, my friend, crack me up.

    I'm a little like your son in the fact that I was raised completely democrat and then became a much wiser republican. I kid. Sort of. LOL!

    The boy must learn he can never change someone unless they are wanting and willing to change. There's no need to waste a breath.

    I wish him the best with his writing. I'm always in awe of those writers who can put together more than a blog post. Ha!

  4. I sooooooo hear you, my husband is that way. He hasn't always been this way, but something has clicked and made him a little OCD when it comes to politics. He would probably LOVE your sons blog!

  5. I refuse to engage in political discussions. In fact I had to actually create a filter in my Gmail that any email my BFF Penny sends me containing the word Obama is automatically sent to Trash. I voted for the man, and I will more than likely vote for him again. I respect her professed "liberal" views (which aren't liberal at all, she's more Republican than she is female!) but I get tired of the Obama bashing.

    Everyone can have their opinions just like I do, just keep it to yourself...or commiserate with the others who feel the way you do. Stop trying to change MY mind.

  6. Hey hey, looks like I got the ol' Postcards bump. I cant seem to generate any traffic though. Maybe I need some more catchy titles, or switch up the subject matter from time to time. However, I feel if I start blogging on different topics I'm selling out in some weird way, ya know? This topic seems to be my bread and butter, or I could write on sports a little. I need feedback, and for you to read some of my stuff once in a while. Love you.......


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